mazurka-sodalite mazurka-craie mazurka-chaux mazurka-bentonite
mazurka-lazuli mazurka-holite mazurka-albatre mazurka-pepite
mazurka-cobalt mazurka-turquoise mazurka-malachite mazurka-topaze
mazurka-azurite mazurka-galene mazurka-emeraude mazurka-minium
mazurka-onyx mazurka-saphir mazurka-resine mazurka-rubis
mazurka-mastic mazurka-silex mazurka-quartz mazurka-lave
mazurka-porphyre mazurka-amethyste mazurka-fabulite mazurka-calcedoine

Presentation :

MAZURKA, 2.5 cm square shape, mat finish aspect, for heavy traffic areas.

The full range of decorative patterns and borders in HARMONIES can be used with the MAZURKA range.

MAZURKA and HARMONIES sizes are similar, 30 colors in unglazed aspect are available to create various designs.

Description :

Trim pieces :


Use :

Interior and exterior floors and walls public and private

Datasheet :

The single color products are back-mounted on a fiber glass mesh, each sheet being a square of 34.58 cm.

The sheets are packed by 17 in a carton of 2.04 sq.meter. Borders are available by linear meter packs.

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