* Slip resistant available

progression-aster progression-lavande progression-lotus
progression-danube progression-marquises progression-ivraie
progression-prunelle progression-egee progression-buis
progression-petale progression-pierre progression-muguet
progression-coriandre progression-fuschia progression-camel
progression-tuile progression-pivoine progression-pollen
progression-gravier progression-mouette progression-schiste
progression-platine progression-or

Presentation :

Progression, is composed of a 4 square shapes, coordinated in sizes and colors. (see as well the decorative compositions).

Descriptions of the different products in the range :

Datasheet :

The products are nylon mesh back-mounted on a square sheet of 31.92 cm, sheets are packed by 10, in carton of 1.02 sqm.

Use :

Trim pieces :

progression-bordure-1 progression-bordure-2
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